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Marissa Jones’ ‘The Space Nomad’

‘The Space Nomad’ by Marissa Jones (’20)

After her civilization collapses into decay, a scrappy but engineering nomad wanders empty planets in a clunky spaceship that is now her home. Each day, she uses her spaceship to scan for other life, but she’s had no luck so far. As she loses hope of finding anything else alive, the nomad clings to a polaroid—a relic from her happier past —and becomes increasingly obsessed with scavenging objects she finds in decaying houses that help her remember her family. The more she collects, the stronger her memories become, but the more weighed down her spaceship becomes, impeding its ability to fly. Despite the cost, she continues to scavenge because the memories are a refuge from the bleakness of her current life. One day, her spaceship alerts her it’s detected a sign of life behind an impenetrable door. The nomad must chose to sacrifice her treasured collection of objects to open the locked door or chose to walk away, abandoning her only chance of finding something new to live for.

Marissa Jones is a motion and multimedia designer driven by storytelling. Whether it’s from all of the sci-fi she watched as a kid or all of the times she got lost in the woods, Marissa loves the promise of an uncharted adventure. And that excitement for the unknown remains with her. Marissa’s work often humanizes complex issues such as scientific theory or political policy. From the astrophysics of a solar eclipse to the Texas Senate’s stance on immigration, she believes storytelling can spark interest in the apathetic. She views each new project as a chance to explore her passion for bold stories in multiple mediums and under diverse lenses.

Mentor: Daniela Sherer

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Instagram: @marissajonez

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