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Eva Hall’s ‘Mira’

‘Mira’ by Eva Louise Hall (’20)

Ready to quit her dreams of becoming a celebrated accordionist after busking day after day for an isolating swamp metropolis that isn’t listening, young Mira finally gets a taste of recognition one evening when she meets Lore; a charismatic and successful performer who takes an interest in Mira’s talents.

Giving into her charm and status, Mira finds herself playing hostess to the mysterious and talented singer as Lore’s self-serving behaviors make her increasingly more uncomfortable in her own home. Mira’s desire for recognition from this elevated musician leaves her blinded to Lore’s hidden intentions until her apartment begins changing around her and her anxieties start to spiral out of her control. Her inability to confront and remove the ever-dangerous Lore proves to have monstrous consequences once Lore shows her true sinister nature; that she is not the musical ally that she initially presents to Mira but a water demon who needs to scavenge and carve out a place for herself by taking advantage of others.

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