Let the show prep begin!

Our students are hard at work on getting their thesis stories ready for the annual ‘And Then…’ show! It opens on June 30th! Each storyteller will present their story in …    More

Beloved Beatrice by Freya von Mizener

Beloved Beatrice by Freya von Mizener is a Digital Short Story worth playing! The narrative game is a fascinating, creepy, sad experience. Play it at SVA Flatiron Project Space, 133/141 …    More

Professional Help by ST Schwartz

Professional Help by ST Schwartz Sophie, a self-appointed amateur therapist, inserts herself into everyone’s lives, giving them advice and compulsively correcting them. And while she may have insight into the …    More

Emily Hughston Hoffman’s ‘Dosed’

Summary of Dosed Luna is an artist plagued by insecurity. She wants to be happy but can’t get past her self-doubt. Her boyfriend Dane suggests that they go to a …    More

Abigael Puritz’s ‘Anastrophe’

Abigael Puritz’s ‘Anastrophe’ Following a Digital Dark Age, where most of the data on the internet was lost, the society of 2063 has moved on to a world populated by …    More

Gabi Berkers’ ‘Corvus’

Story: Visualized is the motto and mission statement of SVA’s groundbreaking MFA in Visual Narrative program, where the artist is author. From animation and video to comics and picture books, …    More

WATCH: Ethan Gould’s PERICARDIA promo

PERICARDIA is Ethan Gould’s thesis story. This video gives you a peek at what you’re in for. Be prepared! Ethan is asking the questions “What if a city never stops …    More

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We’re going to use plain language here. We’re not hiding anything and we strive to maintain compliance with international law. MFA Visual Narrative uses the following services to provide a …    More