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‘Horror Hospital School’ by Maggie Vicknair (’21) is as Fun as it Sounds

Rated R for Boobs, Blood, Bullies, Body Horror, and Bad Language.

That’s the warning label on Maggie Vicknair’s (’21) webcomic, Horror Hospital School. Maggie has been working on the story since 2019. It was originally a Risograph publication, but was moved online quickly where Maggie could develop the story.

A red, black, and white cover of a comic book. It features a protagonist with hands touching them. The text reads: Horror Hospital School.
A one-page black, white and red comic featuring two characters chatting.
A one-page black, white and red comic featuring two characters chatting.
A one-page comic featuring two female characters talking to a boy at a table.

The webcomic follows Stella King, a student of the St. Argento’s School for Unwell Girls. Stella’s horrific adventures make graduating an unlikely conclusion to her stint there. With a mix of humor, compelling characters, horror, and crystal-clear storytelling, Maggie just wrapped up the seventh issue with an eye-opening (and bloody) cliff hanger. Be sure to check it out, but be warned! Maggie explores horror tropes and unsettling situations.

An illustration of a female character in a dark background. She is holding a lantern and a skeleton is wrapped around her.
An illustration of two female characters in the bathroom. One is applying makeup in the mirror, with a skeleton in the reflection. The other character is smoking by the window.

Maggie’s prolific output is not surprising. Her work as a student at MFAVN included thoughtful and page-turning work like the Digital Short Story, ‘The Last Child of Hamelin’ – an ode to the Pied Piper fable. Then, with Dylan Meconis as a mentor, Maggie delivered a fantastic thesis story titled ‘Tommy Lin: A Motorcycle Fairy Tale.’

You can pick up a copy of the comic here, and follow Maggie on Instagram @maggiedreadful. Her website includes more work and a store where you can buy prints, comics, and pins.


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