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And Then… 2022 | ‘Xu is Coming’ by Binhua Chen (’22)

Binhua Chen self portrait
Binhua Chen ('22)
Designer, illustrator and storyteller

‘Xu is Coming’ by Binhua Chen (’22) is a digital comic story about Xu, a girl who is a comic book character, with different art styles and storytelling strategies used on each page. One day, Xu receives an invitation by spam fax to visit a place called Brand New Page. She leaves her home and steps into a journey among pages where she encounters the stories of other characters. 

THE STORYTELLER: Binhua Chen is a designer, illustrator and storyteller. She is very interested in social events, documentaries, metaphors, sleeping, and chatting with strangers (online). She is planning to create additional short digital stories
to be available online to everybody for free. Binhua will be designing related products to sell as a way for her and her audience to enjoy her storytelling to the fullest. 

Websites: and 

Instagram: @esinthal_studio

Other social: 

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