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Binhua Chen

Designer, illustrator and storyteller
Binhua Chen self portrait

I am a graphic designer and an illustrator who aims to be a storyteller. Having graduated with a BFA from South China Normal University in Visual Communication Design, I tend to use posters, paper-cuts, and illustrations to express. I am interested in animations, fictions, and documentaries. My favorite fiction is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and I was inspired to be a storyteller, not only a reader, partly by Loki: Agent of Asgard.

Being influenced by one of my favorite online fictions, I am trying to make GIF images recently. By the way, the name of this fiction is Lord of the Mysteries. I am a big fan of this fiction and can’t wait to make the second part of it, which starts in 2022. A good story is always worth the wait. And so is the satisfaction of creating one’s own story.

Binhua’s mentor is Cici Suen.

A woman looks over her shoulder before she steps into a glowing entrance.
Xu is Coming

A digital comic story about Xu, a girl who is a comic book character, with different art styles and storytelling strategies used on each page.

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