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And Then… 2022 | ‘Mushroom Trip’ by Morgan Sawyer (’22)

Morgan Sawyer poses with his characters
Morgan Kendric Sawyer ('22)
Illustrator and cartoonist

THE STORY: What if a forest where all plant life is interconnected falls out of its natural order? A mushroom spirit maintaining this network of plants must set forth on a journey to discover what has disturbed the forest’s connection and reestablish it in order to save their home. This story is presented as a 60-page, wordless graphic novel, hand painted in watercolor.

THE STORYTELLER: Morgan Sawyer (’22) is an illustrator and cartoonist who has worked on a variety of projects from tee-shirt designs to video games. However, he has found the most success and enjoyment in comics, being fortunate enough to work on several titles including Welcome to Paradise published by Scout Comics, Gaffe, set to be published by Iron Circus Comics, The Hall of Taxidermied Presidents for MSCF Magazine and more. Morgan’s voice as a visual storyteller uses a combination of technical skill and introspection, displayed through a use of humor, direct commentary and just a smidge of sarcasm, with the goal of circumventing expectations.

Instagram: @morganksawyer
Twitter: @morganksawyer

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