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Falling is a graphic novel about friendship, loss, and redemption, revolving around Kelcee, a caustic, anxious woman in her 30s trying to be somebody in New York City.


She’s sent into an emotional tailspin by the suicide of her former friend and mentor Josephine who was, at 51, a popular author and self-help guru. For a decade, Kelcee had served as Josephine’s confidante and ghostwriter. But the friendship ruptured under the pressure of skewed power dynamics. At the time of Josephine’s death, they’d been estranged for months. Yet, Kelcee is compelled by Josephine’s imperious mother to visit Josephine’s apartment and catalog her belongings. Resenting the role of servant, Kelcee compulsively steals a few items. Clearly, Josephine can’t use them anymore. But once in Kelcee’s possession, each item summons Josephine’s ghost. Josephine, in various guises, pulls Kelcee into risky predicaments, forcing her to grapple with the pain she’d refused to recognize when Josephine was alive, and to recognize the suffering and courage in both of their lives.

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