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Morgan Kendric Sawyer

Illustrator and cartoonist
Morgan Sawyer poses with his characters

Morgan Kendric Sawyer is an illustrator/cartoonist based out of Richmond Virginia, where he currently teaches illustration at VSU and VCU. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Communication Arts and a BS in Mass Communications Creative Advertising in the Fall Class of 2011.

As a cartoonist Morgan has worked on a couple different comic series for various indie publishers and is releasing his first graphic novel Gaffe in 2021 with Iron Circus Comics. He helped establish a writing/art collective in 2016 titled Wilbur Nixon which continues to have an expanding ethos and catalogue and is currently under a revitalization as its members evolve and continue to push forward as creators.

Morgan’s primary influences as a creator are various mythologies and history as well as street art and graffiti.

“Better today than yesterday and even better tomorrow.”

A small mushroom character bounces toward us happily
Mushroom Trip

A mushroom spirit maintaining this network of plants must set forth on a journey to discover what has disturbed the forest’s connection and reestablish it in order to save their home.

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