Illustration of a head with blue skin and hair and white veins in their neck, a trail of smoke emerging from their mouth and trailing up towards a panel of a light hand holding a locket.

Digital Short Story 2019 spotlight: Luz Rodriguez Dager’s ‘Nora’

A little girl finds an antique necklace in the house where she and her mother recently moved. Inside the necklace lives the ghost of a young woman killed years ago. The ghost is looking for revenge. In the weeks that follow, the girl’s behavior grows increasingly bizarre. The mother finds out what is going on with her daughter and must figure out a way to end the curse on her child—she wants her little girl back.


Luz Rodriguez Dager is an Ecuadorian designer, visual communicator and illustrator. She is also known as ms.roda. Ever since she was a kid, she’s had a pencil in her hands, trying to express the world in her own ways—and sneaking into her grandfather’s library to read books about art. While pursuing a career in graphic design, she realized that she wanted to be an illustrator and began studying illustration through books, the Internet, summer programs and workshops. She enjoys incorporating all kinds of different media into her artwork and narrative. Find more about her on Instagram @ms.roda