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Digital Short Story 2019 spotlight: Marissa Jones’ ‘Beneath the Eclipse’

“Beneath the Eclipse” by Marissa Jones

Ella feels responsible for her mother’s death and is given no comfort from her grieving father. When her village’s sun is eclipsed and thrown into darkness, a trail of glowing flowers appears, leading her into the wild forest. Despite her fear of the beasts that live there, Ella finds unexpected comfort on her journey deeper into the woods.

Marissa Jones is a motion and multimedia designer driven by storytelling (and constant snacking). Whether it’s from all the sci-fi she watched as a kid or all the times she got lost in the woods, Marissa loves a good adventure and thinks of each new project as a chance to explore her passion for bold visual narratives. Her work often humanizes complex issues such as scientific theory or political policy. You can geek out with her at

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