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Ian Gabriel’s ‘Supreme Beings’

Ian Gabriel (’20) has just released his thesis story! It’s a fantastic look at revolution through the eyes of Maximilien Robespierre.

It’s Paris, France; 1791, the eve of the Champ de Mars Massacre, and the French Revolution is about to enter a Reign of Terror. Revolution is in the air, blood in the streets, and the name of the forbidding statesman Maximilian Robespierre is on every lip.

When King Louis XVI flees his throne under mysterious circumstances, Revolutionary splinter cells, led by those like the bombastic Georges Danton, look to fill the void of the monarchy with the new French Republic. After 1000 years of French Monarchy, the Sun King’s throne is empty. While some see an opportunity, Maximilien Robespierre sees doom when he’s visited by ghastly specters, known as the Visitors. The Visitors haunt Maximilien with dark visions of what’s to come and what may be. Revealing to him not only the frailty and misery found in not only the world but himself, if he does not act to change the dire fate that awaits them.

Maximilien is faced with his own story of growing disillusionment, bitterness, and viciousness, as he fights to decide what France’s and humanity’s future will hold: Death or Redemption.

Bio: Ian Gabriel is an American Cartoonist who started in comics by drawing monsters for Rosarium Publishing’s Manticore and has now moved on to drawing monstrous people in his graphic novel Supreme Beings. With a lifelong passion for Gothic imagery, history, comics, and the bizarre; Ian toils his days away in a dark and stormy studio, slaving away at his craft only to be interrupted by dog walks. His style has been compared to classic Horror Artists like Bernie Wrightson and Richard Corben. When he is not a mad hermit, Ian is an accomplished painter, animator, writer, instructor, and man about town.

You can read the full story here for just $2!


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