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FORM, EMPATHY, AND CHARACTER PLAY | Caitlin Saylor Stephens, Instructor

Audio Confessions

The most compelling character discoveries are often made when a character is in crisis. The chaos of crisis feeds a plot, raises stakes, and deepens a creator’s connection to the material.

During this exercise, students created monologues using dictation as a generative method to explore their character in crisis. The process entailed recording unedited improvised confessional speeches, transcription, editing, and rerecording audio.

These Audio Confessions are a process-based exploration using interdisciplinary generative methods and character embodiment to further explore character.

Althea Flores | Character Name: Xyla

Anton Campbell | Character Name: Jarobi

Anya Liu | Character Name: Elena Kuma

Atheeth Madhavan | Character Name: The Eraser

Diana Poon | Character Name: Menmi

Hahn Zhang | Character Name: Anonymous

Jack Mead | Character Name: Lou

Mariana Tapia | Character Name: Miriam Nurko

Matthew Bustamonte | Character Name: Louis E. Holloway

Maya Jain | Character Name: Elisabeth

Shenuka Corea | Character Name: Vidya

Srobana Bhattacharya | Character Name: Tara

Taylor Sanchez | Character Name: Miraska

Wendie Chen | Character Name: Portia

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