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NO|ON 2015: Jie Ren’s “Cocoon Rebirth”

What is NO|ON? Short for “Narrative Object, Objective Narrative” it embodies the idea that every object contains its own narrative and every successful narrative strives for a unique objective. For the annual NO|ON show, students write, visualize and execute a five-minute short story utilizing their object, an original character they create, and (in 2015) the color Blue. Required to incorporate elements of spoken word, visual projection/film, and props, these fully realized five-minute visual narratives were performed, presented and critiqued in studio with guest critic, artist, illustrator and animator, Penelope Gazin –

Jie Ren

Title: “Cocoon Rebirth”

Object: Wind-Up Robot

Cocoon Rebirth is about a little boy who should have had a happy life, but due to a car accident, has lost his body. In order to save him, his brain has been placed in a robot body. Now everything is different. His friends won’t play with him because he looks like a monster. He can’t eat, smell or even feel warmth or cold. He’s just a useless robot. Or is he? When he contemplates suicide, a mysterious monk uses Buddha’s philosophy to show him that he is now stronger than before. Finally, he understands the real meaning of life.

NO|ON 2015: Jie Ren’s “Cocoon Rebirth” from MFA Visual Narrative at SVA on Vimeo.

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