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NO|ON 2015: Ella Romero’s “Breach”

What is NO|ON? Short for “Narrative Object, Objective Narrative” it embodies the idea that every object contains its own narrative and every successful narrative strives for a unique
objective. For the annual NO|ON show, students write, visualize and execute a five-minute short story utilizing their object, an original character they create, and (in 2015) the color Blue. Required to incorporate elements of spoken word, visual projection/film, and props, these fully realized five-minute visual narratives were performed, presented and critiqued in studio with guest critic, artist, illustrator and animator, Penelope Gazin –

Ella Romero

Title: “Breach”

Object: Whale

Sheltered and solitary, Nil leads a quiet and predictable life, content with living vicariously through the characters in her favorite books. Her unusual size and isolated environment would normally be disadvantageous, but she is fiercely independent and derives great satisfaction from problem-solving all by herself. One ordinary day while reading her favorite adventure stories, she makes a small wish, and finds herself dropped headlong into a very big adventure of her own. What seems exciting at first soon turns sinister, and Nil quickly learns that this time, to find the solutions she needs, she must reach outside of her comfort zone.

“Breach” by Ella Romero from MFA Visual Narrative at SVA on Vimeo.

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