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Nada Mohammed (’20) takes over!

We’re proud to have Nada Mohammed (’20) kick off our Spring Takeovers!

She’ll be showing us snippets of her thesis, ‘Becca Blooms’.

The story:

After years of dealing with bullies and struggling to relate to her peers, Becca has figured out that it’s better to be safe and lonely than to try opening up to others and risk getting hurt. Even so, she longs to meet someone who will see her as more than an easy target, or even just a strange, quiet girl.

When everyone in class pairs off for a group project, Becca is stuck partnering with Shaun, a boy with a short temper and permanent scowl. His mean, aloof demeanor makes her nervous, but when Becca gets exposed to an unexpected vulnerable side to him, she catches a glimpse past his bristly exterior into the pain he’s hiding.

Although Shaun makes it clear she needs to forget what she saw, Becca finds herself drawn to the idea that they’re more alike than they seem. Will unearthing the secret Shaun’s keeping lead Becca to her first friend, or will pushing him too far make her lonelier than ever?

Follow her on Instagram here.

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