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Pilar Newton-Katz (‘20) takes over!

Pilar Newton-Katz will take over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram today. Follow her on Instagram @snozzlewinksworld to get peeks at her thesis story.

What’s it about?

Stella is a girl that lives in a Brooklyn brownstone. She goes everywhere with her best friend, a talking iguana named Sam. Stella has the worst day at school, she presents her drawing assignment to class and the ornery Mr. Oaks tells her that she did not do the assignment correctly, then after school she falls afoul of the school bully who chases them into the nearby park. When they attempt to hide, Stella and Sam crawl into a tunnel that leads to another world where Stella meets two Snozzlewinks named Winkle and Maria.

When Stella, Sam, and their new Snozzlewink friends get captured by the Evil Taggoff, Stella will have to trust in her abilities – her art just may end up saving the day!


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