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Digital Short Story 2019 spotlight: “The Journals of T.I.M.E.” by Dan Streety

Tom Masterson avoided anything to do with his family heritage because his family had nothing to do with him. Until a mysterious package arrives on his doorstep with his full name on it—Thomas Ignaso Masterson-Edison—and Tom finds himself talking with his great-great-grandfather Thomas Edison across time.

BIO: Dan Streety, a native Texan, grew up steeped in stories and tall tales. From porch swings and church pews, he heard a lot of them over the years, and now he’s telling his own. Dan has written and directed short film; jotted down thousands of ideas on scraps of paper; and started, stopped and started again a dozen scripts and novels. He’s exploring everything from sci-fi to romance, diesel punk to theology. He’s a daydreamer and wish maker and he’s finally opening his imagination to anything that wants to escape from it.

Enjoy Dan’s story on the DSS 2019 page.

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