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Digital Short Story 2019 spotlight: Ian Gabriel’s ‘Unknown Bodies’

In a bizarre future, the upstart Doh-Rahi Redd, the first human peace officer in Coalition history, has been given the dubious honor of protecting Gosnih, a backwater planet known for killing government officials and starting interstellar political incidents. The latest flash point a potential cosmic jihad. When a ritualistic murder is found at an alien religious excavation, Redd will work with the acerbic Coalition attaché, C-Leon Ra, to solve a crime a millennium in the making.  



Ian Gabriel is a gregarious man-about-town when he’s not hitting the most beautiful late-night taco trucks, searching the back bins of used bookstores or sketching in museums; he’s having an existential breakdown about his place in the universe. In Ian’s spare time, he’s a lifelong comic book aficionado, artist and visual storyteller. As a New York City native, his stories and drawing act as a love letter to the people, places and perspectives that populate his urban habitat. Ian, a graduate of SUNY Geneseo, is currently pursuing an MFA in Visual Narrative at SVA.

Ian’s work can be found at:

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