When words and images come together, they can create powerful visual narratives — stories that can touch hearts, change minds and even change the way we see our world.

Find out what you and your stories are capable of.

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Illustration of man saying "Want to beat up some men?"

G. Davis Cathcart (’21) tells us about his thesis story, ‘One Eight Hundred Ghosts’

G. David Cathcart (’21) has one hell of a story for us. His thesis ‘One Eight Hundred Ghosts’  is a graphic novel about a team of art thieves who moonlight …    More


Black and white illustration of a woman's profile as she walks through a city, the lit windows of many apartments in the distance, and a cloudy sky above.

Susannah Lohr (’21) talks to us about her thesis story, ‘Shadows Become You’

We had an opportunity to speak with Susannah Lohr (’21) about her thesis story, ‘Shadows Become You.’ It sounds like it’s going to be an amazing experience. Enjoy the full …    More

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Headshot of Jac Kirby.

Jacquelyn Kirby

Jacquelyn Kirby is a truth seeker, visual artist, graphic designer, and writer guided by two things: love and weirdness. Her work crosses back and forth over many creative bridges but …    More