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2023 Vancouver Film Festival Selection

Mira is a stop-motion animation about a young and talented accordionist as she caters to a charismatic water demon who manipulates others for her own personal gain.

Created by Eva Louise Hall (’20) as her thesis project, Mira is a beautiful stop-motion film about artistic aspirations and abusive creative relationships.¬†

The 11-minute film follows Mira, a celebrated accordionist who is ready to quit her dreams. But when she meets Lore, a mysterious and successful singer who takes an interest in Mira’s talents, Mira gives into Lore’s charms and status. Soon, the protagonist finds herself playing hostess to the charismatic and self-serving performer as she becomes increasingly unsettled in her own home.

A work-in-progress photo showing a puppet with a black cloak.
A work-in-progress photo showing two female stop-motion puppets on a table.

This story touches on the themes of celebrity, abusive individuals and relationships, self-sacrifice and the loss of power and control.

Project Delivery

According to Hall she “made the majority of the film through moments of great pain and tremendous joy, alone and isolated in my small studio in Kansas City, Missouri between January of 2020 and the Spring of 2023”.

She adds, “It is a film that like my character Mira, has endured unexpected hardship and tremendous obstacles in the pursuit of creative accomplishment. The overwhelming support I received in developing and in the completion of this film, however, has ensured a much happier ending for its production.”

Since completing the film, Hall has screened Mira at numerous prestigious film festivals that include the 2023 Vancouver International Film Festival, the 13th ANIMAGE International Animation Festival, and the 2023 Santa Fe International Film Festival. She also took home the award for ‘Shorts Spotlight Best of Show’ and ‘Best Shorts Spotlight: Horrors in Plain Sight’ at the 2023 SCAD Savannah Film Festival.


Tools & Techniques

Stop-motion & 2D digital mixed media

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