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Alana Corwin


Alana is a multimedia animator based in Brooklyn, NY. Drawing from her background in theater, dance, illustration, film and poetry, Alana’s work in experimental animation focuses on her connection to movement and poetic metaphor. In her storytelling practice, Alana uses traditional methods of 2d & stop-motion animation. To evoke a universal and global connection, Alana chooses to use expression, sound, and color to tell her stories, while using minimal to no dialogue. In addition, Alana’s art is centered around her love of building imaginative worlds for her puppets and uses materials such as felting wool, organic materials, and recycled elements to create her stop-motion sets.

Her work focuses on mental health, social justice, and global sustainability and is her way of relating to the complex world around her.

Alana’s mentor is Catya Plate.

Screenshot of Alana Corwin's Short Film Persephone

The film focuses on the universal experience of loss and also the individual’s encounters with grief.

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