Black and white illustration of a woman from the collar bones up to the nose. her neck has a bleeding vampire bite.

Podcast for Narrative Writing | Deathless Podcast Series Ep. 3 | Interview with a Vampire

Over the course of the summer, students developed one common narrative for a class. With a focus on how language and sound can be used to achieve narrative goals the students worked in small groups to tell the entire story through four separate podcast segments. Each segment tells one part of the story — taking it through beginning, middle, and end. While these segments need to link into one cohesive narrative, the groups could define their segment in whatever style they chose.

Episode 3 was created by Maya Jain, Atheeth Madhavan, Wendie Chen, and Han Zhang for the MFA Visual Narrative class, ‘Narrative Writing’ taught by Anna Eveslage.

Episode 3 | Interview with a Vampire

Image by Atheeth Madhavan (’24)