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Welcome to the 2020 Digital Short Story show!

Enjoy the stories!

Curators’ Statement:

From animation and interactive apps to comics and picture books, the digital short stories and their accompanying physical artwork are the culmination of the 2nd year students’ work in visualizing narratives that showcase their wide array of talents and distinct authorial voices.

In MFA Visual Narrative’s Digital Short Story (DSS), each student is charged with the task of channeling their inner author and narrative designer to create, write and present an original, self-published digital short story in 15 weeks. Subject matter, style and digital format design are an integral part of the project development, creative process, and decision-making. The only true parameters of the project are story length, the use of text and image, and the challenge of telling a great story from concept to finish.

The goal of Digital Short Story is to foster ambitious and exciting new voices in visual storytelling through interaction with faculty and peers. The DSS project is designed to focus on specific story fundamentals and explorations in character development, setting, plot structure, narrative design and story composition to translate ideas and information into a digital format rooted in an information system as old as human culture — ­story.

This year’s DSS exhibition showcases video animation, comics, blogs, and interactivity. It features stories about fairy tales, real life, health, sports, identity, ghosts, monsters, love, and change! The MFA Visual Narrative program proudly presents the 2020 Digital Short Story Exhibition.

-Curators, Jim Rugg & Mark Sable

The storytellers: G. Davis Cathcart, Tony Chao, Maura Condrick, Elizabeth Gu, Handowin Xuan He, Jac Kirby, Olivia Li, Susannah Lohr, Maria Schweitzer, Maggie Vicknair, Martin Xing

Enjoy the stories!

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