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Continuing Education Courses | Risograph, Risograph, Risograph!

We have Continuing Ed courses for you this summer. All are online, though some include a real world component sometime in the future.

Check out this line-up!

Introduction to Digital Print Design for Riso

An overview of Risograph printing and its range of printing techniques, as well as examples of Risograph and printmaking-based work will be included. Each student will generate a portfolio of various Risograph projects in the form of print editions, zines, cards, promotional fliers, and other printed matter that will be formatted for printing at a future date.

JUL 8 – AUG 12

RisoLAB Remote Series: Zines and Small Publishing

How to use Risograph effectively as a tool for self-publishing is the focus of this course. Students will be guided through the process of designing and preparing artwork in digital formats that will be ready to print at a later date.

JUL 9 – AUG 13


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