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Welcome to our new students! Profile of John Baker

We’re welcoming our incoming class, the Class of 2018! We’re so fortunate to be working with such a group of talented storytellers.

Next up is John Baker, whose work is eye-catching. Welcome, John!

This is a series of motion tests for “Random Thoughts”, my Visual Narrative assignment.

The visual concept is based on the idea that the audience can see each subjects thoughts orbit around their head.

The project was intended to be a bit experimental and to explore animation and motion techniques that were new to me. The first shot in the sequence is of a scan created by scanning a model using a Kinect sensor. The rest of the models are from customized Adobe Fuse models that have been re-texutred and animated in Cinema 4D.

“What If: KCCT”

This is part of a collaborative online and live performance project between The Kansas City Art Institute’s ArtSounds program and New Media New Music New England.

The project consisted of 60 sixty second video clips and 60 sixty second audio clips that were randomly arranged by a computer on site during the performance.

The goal being two fold: 1.) Each viewer would come up with their own narratives based on a random combination of sight and sound, and 2.)No two performances were alike.

My submission consisted of time lapse footage shot from 2013 – 2015.

This is a test animation for a short film about the solar system. Each planet would be anthropomorphized and have a unique personality.

This is a motion test for a short comedic film about a bank robbery gone wrong. The car model is from a free online source. This project focused on rigging and animating the car and camera.

Welcome, John! We look forward to working with you.

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