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Bill Kartalopoulos talks “too comics for art” and “too arty for comics”

MFAVN’s Bill Kartalopoulos discusses comics and art with Austin English, Aidan Koch and Blaise Larmee in this panel titled “Venn Diagram: Art/Comics”

“Painter and cartoonist Keith Mayerson once called his 1996 graphic novel Horror Hospital Unplugged “too arty for comics” and “too comics for art.” The boundary between those two fields, however structural and arbitrary, may be weakening, but is it happening quickly enough to accommodate the rapidly growing number of artists who are now so productively working in this seam? Moderator Bill Kartalopoulos will investigate these questions and more with three leading lights of contemporary artcomics: Austin English (Gulag Casual), Aidan Koch (After Nothing Comes), and Blaise Larmee (3 Books).”

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