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Welcome to our new students! Profile of Jennifer Brent

We’re so delighted to welcome our incoming class, the Class of 2018! What a group of talented storytellers. We want to give them all a proper welcome, so let’s show off what they can do, shall we?

Jennifer Brent, otherwise known as Jenny Bee, does work that is both playful and dark — the thoughts that nag us when we least expect it, the dead sidekicks.

Read on to see what we’re talking about…


The Girl and the Crow is a a series of one-panel, digitally-collaged comics about a girl experiencing perpetual negative thoughts at the back of her head (manifesting as a crow), but choosing to remain positive anyway. Created using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.



A silk-screen and citrasolv exploration of the Alice in Wonderland poem “The Letter in the Trial”, Lewis Carroll’s parody of William Mee’s “Alice Grey”. The piece was meant to serve as a therapeutic venting exercise exploring confusion and personal moral quandaries I was experiencing at the time. 2016-05-24 13-51-25


An exercise in grid creation and layout design; we were given basic copy about typography to flow throughout the book, and then were required to stylize the aesthetic, examples, and grid around a specific lens. I interpreted the assignment through a lens of gift-giving and receiving, electing to use imagery and quotes and examples from holiday movies and writings.



A paper collage set in a wooden shadow box. It’s meant to be a snapshot into this strange Halloween party where a human girl hosts, and makes small talk with a bunch of her talking dio-de-los-muertos-style skull friends. Influenced by the Autumn season and a video game called “Planescape: Torment” wherein your sidekick is a wisecracking skull named Morte.

We look forward to working with you, Jennifer!

See more of her work here:

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