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Welcome to our new students! Profile of Bill Wehmann

We’re delighted to welcome into the fold our incoming class, the Class of 2018! They’re a group of talented storytellers. So let’s show off their work!

Next up is Bill Wehmann.

Images have always connected deeply with me, and I feel most effective as a storyteller when I am manipulating visual elements. Over the years, I have experimented with many mediums, from painting, to sculpture, to film, but have always returned to the medium which first introduced me to visual communication: comic books. From a very early age comics have been the art form which most engaged my mind, and they have had a lasting effect on me.  At their best, comics seamlessly mesh words and images to create something new which has a deeper meaning than either would separately. The possibilities for layering and combining images and words are nearly endless. Comics offer the opportunity to communicate truly unique and complex ideas that could not be conveyed in any other medium. They also do so in a way which is easily digestible by the reader. A single comic panel can be packed with an incredible amount of information, but can be read and understood very quickly by someone familiar with the form. Complex information is allowed to gestate in the reader’s mind, helping the author to convey their thoughts and feelings in a less coercive manner.

[Click on the images for full size]

Excerpt from “Abyssal Yawn Part Two” (2016). Collaboration with author Ed Steck. Self published comic.

Excerpt from “Howard” (2015) self published comic.

nk and digital illustration (2014).

We love your work, Bill! We look forward to working with you.

Check out more of his work here.

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