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Welcome Class of 2018! Profile of Alexandra Barsky

We’re so delighted to welcome our incoming class, the Class of 2018! What a group of talented storytellers. We want to give them all a proper welcome, so let’s show off what they can do, shall we? First up is Alexandra Barsky. Alexandra’s work impressed us with its style, the breadth of work across media and the confidence of her storytelling.

So without further ado, welcome Alexandra!


I freelanced at Framestore in 2013 and was lucky enough to work with my friends Zack Lydon and Dan Solomon during my time there. This project came in with no budget, but it had an open creative brief and it was offered to the three of us. We created our directing group, SLUG, and we still work together on directing projects through Framestore now. This animation was our first project together and we co-wrote and directed this piece for the Ciclope Festival in Berlin. After a full day of paid work, we stuck around the studio and worked on Ciclope on our own time. I animated and did backgrounds for this project with Zack. Dan did compositing and the 3D burst at the end. This piece is really special to me because it was the birth of SLUG’s collaboration together! SLUG also had the opportunity to travel to Seoul, South Korea with the BFA Computer Art Department in May 2015 to lecture at Hongik University and Chung Ang University.


The Alligator is my first short film, completed in 2013 as my thesis for BFA Computer Art, Animation, and Visual Effects. I wrote and animated this short, as well as completing all compositing, editing, and sound design. I also made a silkscreened poster with color variations for the film’s release. The Alligator was screened at Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival, Palm Springs International Shorts Fest, Cannes Short Film Corner, Maryland International Film Festival, SXSW, deadCENTER, Arizona International Film Festival, LA Indie Film Festival, Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival, Kinofest, and Metrocaf.


Train Man is the tentative title for my in-progress animated short film. These images are concept frames for this animation. Train Man lives in his train car. He encounters hundreds of people everyday, but he is isolated from all of them. He absorbs all of their stories without partaking in any. What will happen to Train Man when he has to interact with someone after all of this solitude? This story was inspired initially from observing many “Train Men” while living in New York City. I started working on this project after the Ferguson riots in 2014 prompted me to ask what separates different kinds of people and why fear is such a prominent element in their communication.


This is my Visual Narrative assignment submission! I chose the theme “savage” and told the story through a comic. As a 2d animator. I actually do not have a lot of experience making comics. Things like showing the passage of time or expressing emotions without words/movement was a fun challenge for me.


I first started making silkscreened Valentine’s Day Cards in 2012 while I was an undergrad at SVA. I made another card in 2014, and most recently in 2016. These are more like anti-Valentine’s Day cards. I want to make fun of the holiday a little bit and turn it into something creepy.

We look forward to working with you, Alexandra!

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