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Congrats to our RisoLab Artists in Residence, Thu Tran and Harvey Redding!

We’re delighted to announce the winners of the Artists in Residence for our RisoLab summer program. Both of them will have access to the Riso printer to work on their projects.  What are their interests and plans for the residency?

Harvey Redding


I grew up in the booming popular culture of the’50s and ’60s. It was a world of Tinker Toys, Hula-Hoops and Spam sandwiches, spread thick with Kraft Miracle Whip. Magazine ads featured women admiring the most banal kitchen appliance, with expressions ranging from the adoring to the erotic, as men stood lighting-up a cigarette, while modeling jockey underwear boasting ”revolutionary cantilever action.” But the real revolution was my coming to terms with the reality of my emerging queerness, as social mores were “sliced and diced,” in those turbulent years of change.

[I’d like] to pursue a suite of prints, further exploring the subject of voyeurism, using a new print technology.

See Harvey’s work here.

Thu Tran

Thu Tran is a creative producer, writer, and visual artist based in New York. She’s the star of the Independent Film Channel television show Food Party and MTVother web series Late Night Munchies.

I’d like to make a food themed bestiary or fake gaming manual, where all the characters look like futuristic aliens made out spaghetti, ground meat, and other various. I’d like to have a collection of finalized characters, with developed backgrounds, how they all connect with one another, in a fully fleshed out imaginary world. Alongside the illustrations and info, I’d like to make some comics to further enhance the world.

See Thu’s work here.

Welcome to both of you. We cannot wait to see what you create this summer!

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