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V.A. Doll’s ‘Exhale’

Headshot of V.A. Doll
V.A. Doll ('20)
Writer, poet, illustrator

Exhale is a webcomic about family, loss, responsibility, and magic. Alex has just lost her mother at the young age of 22. With that loss, Alex gains the immense burden and title of Family Necromancer—a role she has been preordained to fill since she was a child.

Now, it is Alex’s responsibility to make the sacrifices, perform the rituals, and release the spirits of her deceased kin into the afterlife. Unprepared for the task that is death magic, Alex must fumble with not only her personal morals but also the strained relationship with her older sister, Isabella, as all four sisters prepare to lay their mother to rest and say goodbye one last time under the full moon.

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