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the visual narrative thesis projects: ann coddou

Ann Coddou is a storyteller with a strong, unique voice. From her colorful, emotional comics to her adorable plushies, Ann has shown a proclivity to reel us in with visual treats and then deliver on story. Here are some samples of her work. Ann Coddou MFAVN Ann Coddou previous work   Ann Coddou Cat Calling Poster 2 Ann Coddou Ann Coddou Her thesis, titled Visionary, is coming along nicely. Ann’s been kind enough to send on some images of the work she’s done for it, along with work from years past.

Where do you call home?

I’m currently living in Brooklyn, NY.

Can you tell us something about your mentor on this thesis project?

My wonderful mentor is Paul Briggs, the Story Supervisor at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Recently he served as Head of Story for Frozen and Co-Head of Story for Big Hero 6. He’s shared with me many insightful tips on character and story development. Writers of any experience should read his recommended book, Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.

What is the story of your thesis?

In this first chapter of Visionary, Mai Petrus is an unwilling subject of military tests. She befriends a fellow test subject, Lyra, who is worn down by the testing. Mai instills hope and perseverance in her friend, and Mai seeks to escape the lab with her; but their escape doesn’t go as planned. Visonary Ship Parallax by Ann Coddou Ann Coddou Thesis Ann Coddou Thesis MFAVN

Ann Coddou character studies Ann Coddou character studies Ann Coddou character studies Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.09.20 AM Ann Coddou character studies

Visionary by Ann Coddou Ann Coddou

Mais Apartment - Ann Coddou

Where can our readers find your work online?

Portfolio Site  Webcomic

What does visual storytelling mean to you?

Visual storytelling to me is conveying a story through imagery. Comics, Film, Photography, Fine Art, even Cave Painting are all forms of visual storytelling.

Why did you choose the MFAVN program?

I chose this program because I want to write and illustrate stories; Most of my life I’ve focused on telling stories with sequential illustration. I graduated undergrad at Pratt in Communications Design with a focus on illustration; but I felt like I had a lot to learn about sequential art. In this program I’ve learned how other writers/illustrators work.

Where do you hope your work and thesis will take you?

I hope to work in preproduction for film and video games, and continue to create comics and plushies. Good luck, Ann! From the looks of it you’re well on your way to your goal. We’re delighted to be a part of your process.

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