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The Story Behind the Story | Freya von Mizener presents ‘Orchid Labyrinth’

Dahlia is a young knight who has known her role since birth. As a member of the royal knighthood, she protects the beautiful Princess Orchid as well as their glorious kingdom, and she must do so by performing the sacred rite of sacrificing those called “witches.”

When Orchid is outed as a “witch,” Dahlia’s world falls apart. Should she uphold her duty to the kingdom or her oath to the princess? Unable to make a decision, Dahlia stands by as Orchid is taken and locked away in the Forgotten Tower, not to be seen again until the day of her sacrifice.

And with that day would come one last chance for them to choose a new destiny.

With Orchid’s heart having been ripped in two, does Dahlia still have a right to protect her? Or should she pay a price in an attempt to right past wrongs?

The only one who can decide for yourself is you, and you alone.

Freya von Mizener is a mixed-race Chinese-American artist from Los Angeles with a background in East Asian studies before turning to the arts. Focusing primarily on all things digital, she aspires to further engage in games and various other platforms on her journey to spin better tales. Freya has an unending passion for narrative-driven games and aspires to make more and more until she inevitably perishes.

Play Orchid Labyrinth here

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