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Community Spotlight

The Story Behind the Story | Emily Hughston Hoffman presents ‘Dogmatic’

Emily Hughston Hoffman is a multimedia artist and writer living in Brooklyn, New York. Her preferred art centers around physical objects and interactivity. She is interested in exploring feelings of isolation and loss of identity. Emily draws much of her inspiration from her dachshund, Argos. She is most excited to return to making functional ceramic art.

Anxiety plagues Phife the dachshund. When he walks in the park, he wants to chase the chipmunks but is restrained by his leash. When he’s left alone in his apartment, he worries that his owner will never return. Phife desperately wants to control the world around him, but when he leaves his apartment in search of his owner, he learns that true freedom comes at the expense of security—and if he really wants to be happy, he has to learn to let go and trust the people he loves.

See more of  ‘Dogmatic’ here

Header photo by  Bridget Badore.

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