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Rosa Chang (’17) shares the beauty of indigo in her new book ‘My Indigo World’

While studying at MFA Visual Narrative Rosa Chang (’17) worked on a number of projects that showed the beauty of the indigo plant and its influence over our sense of color and texture.

Her thesis presentation was an engrossing tale of how indigo swept her off of her feet. You can see her thesis project The Weeping Trees here.

So it comes as no surprise (and a huge delight) that Rosa is releasing a new book titled ‘My Indigo World: A True Story of the Color Blue’ The story is  about the science, art (and magic) of Korean indigo.

“The book tells a story about Korean indigo, cultures, farming in Baltimore, and includes a world indigo map for kids,” Rosa said. The book will be released in May 2023, which is important to her as a Korean-born artist. “The month of May is Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage month. I really hope this book helps in sharing my culture and cheerfulness for other BIPOC and immigrant communities. It took over two years to complete and I am tearfully happy that I accomplished it.”

From the book description:

This gorgeous celebration of the color blue and the indigo plant, by a Korean American debut artist and storyteller, powerfully connects art and the natural world.

With lavish mixed-media art including watercolor painting and hand-dyed textiles, debut author-illustrator Rosa Chang pays tribute to the science and art of growing the indigo plant and making indigo dye. Woven throughout is a poetic tribute to the color blue, Chang’s favorite since her girlhood in Korea, and an appreciation of the indigo plant as a valued source of blue dye in cultures around the world. Informative back matter tells more about the science behind indigo dye production, with an “indigo map” of the shades of blue produced by indigo around the world, and simple instructions for growing your own indigo plants and making homemade blue dye.

Rosa is a Korean-born multi-disciplinary artist focusing on visual/fiber art and research-based visual storytelling, which convey a sustainable balance between humans and the natural world. See more of her work on her website. You can follow her on Instagram @rosaful_garden


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