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Three alumni launch a new game titled ‘The Great Bork Team’

We’d like to congratulate three of our alumni for the release of their new tabletop role-playing game, ‘The Great Bork Team!’


The Great Bork Team is a short-form ttrpg for 3+ players. The term “ttrpg” means “Tabletop RPG.” It’s the only game to actually allow players to bark at each other as a game mechanic.

The game was designed by Mary Georgescu (’17) with layouts and editing by Ella Romero (’17) and art by Liz Enright (’17).

Mary is a game designer at Game of Kittens. You may know them for the hit ‘Exploding Kittens.’ Mary also runs her own studio, Haiduc Games —an independent developer/publisher of narrative-focused digital and analog games. Mary also co-founded ‘Eat Melon Studios’ which released the narrative game ‘Nothing to See Here.’

Mary was joined by two of her fellow MFAVN graduates, Liz Enright and Ella Romero. Liz is a cartoonist and educator who is currently illustrating a middle-grade graphic novel for Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. It will be released in 2023! Ella is an illustrator, writer, and artist based in New York City. Her work includes comics, event invitations and textile/pattern design.



From the game’s website:

In The Great Bork Team players deal with consequences of being young sled dogs on their first long journey into the world. The passing down of a position to a new dog is more about fitting in with an experienced team and sharing knowledge of the trail than it is tracing a genetic lineage. Players will be completely communicating in one word barks to each other in order to be able to deal with new things that happen along the way while attempting to prove to their hoomin friend that they are in fact the greatest borks this team could have ever hoped for.

The game’s team also included the adventure designers Daniel Hansen and Fritz Keahna Warrior.

See more of Mary’s game design on her website, Haiduc Games

Liz’s portfolio and contact info can be found on her site

Ella’s work and commission link can be found here

You can buy the game on the Haiduc website.

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