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NO|ON 2015: Cady Juarez’s “Intervention”

What is NO|ON? Short for “Narrative Object, Objective Narrative” it embodies the idea that every object contains its own narrative and every successful narrative strives for a unique objective. For the annual NO|ON show, students write, visualize and execute a five-minute short story utilizing their object, an original character they create, and (in 2015) the color Blue. Required to incorporate elements of spoken word, visual projection/film, and props, these fully realized five-minute visual narratives were performed, presented and critiqued in studio with guest critic, artist, illustrator and animator, Penelope Gazin –

Cady Juarez

Title: “Intervention”

Object: Luchador Mask

Black Death, a powerful supernatural being and the harbinger of death, finds himself addicted to a magic mask that makes him human. When asked to participate in a documentary about his new-found humanity, he discover that the documentary is really an intervention to end his addiction. Black Death quickly learns that the mask only makes him appear human, and does not protect humans from his death-induced touch. In order to right his wrongs, Black Death must come to terms with who he is, and realize that “playing human” has its consequences.

Cady Juarez's Intervention from MFA Visual Narrative at SVA on Vimeo.

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