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nathan fox teaches you how to do it in 3D

The Visual Narrative MFA program’s chair, Nathan Fox, is known for his dynamic art, unique portrayal of action and comic book paneling. He’s also a kick-ass muralist, with a flair for 3D. Call us partial, but we love Nathan’s work around here. We do have a couple dozen national publications who agree with us, though!

Back in 2008, Nathan did a comprehensive tutorial called “Create anaglyphic artwork” for Computer Arts, where he provided instructions AND tools to strike out on our own. How tough is it to get that 3D effect that we love so much? It ain’t easy, but from this layman’s perspective, I could make a weekend project out of it. Maybe I could make Shirley Link 3D!

Nathan Fox 3D art tutorial tools

The tutorial is filled with treasures. Nathan has a way of breaking things down, and then giving them impressive context. In addition to the ins-and-outs of 3D he touches on some common sense ways of handling clients. Our favorite quote from the article?

Download the tutorial and tools here!

Oh, and if you go try it out, we’d love to see your work over on our Visual Narrative MFA Facebook page. Share it with us.

Nathan Fox 3D tutorial tools


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