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how was your year? see the story of your life on the wall.

It’s one thing to keep a journal. It’s another thing, altogether, to splash your life on a poster for quick review. But that’s what the folks at Brigada Creativa offer, with their Life Calendar series.

The yellow dots are meant to be filled in with your overall mood that day. The dots aren’t dated, so you can start anytime.

life calendar by BrigadaCreativa

But isn’t it a little simplistic to just record a general mood? I wouldn’t know until I tried it, but I think it would be interesting to spot runs of one mood or another.

Besides, you can always add the romance version. That’ll add some context. They should make the calendars overlay, so you can see more of your story!

life calendar by BrigadaCreativa

life calendar by BrigadaCreativa

Want some on your wall? Head over to Etsy.

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