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Nathan Fox in China, representing SVA’s Visual Narrative MFA program

Nathan Fox, illustrator and chair of the Visual Narrative MFA program at the School of Visual Arts, is travelling in China. Frankly, it’s hard to believe since we still casually chat on Google like he’s just down the street. But the proof is in the pictures! Nathan has been sharing the things that catch his eye, and we thought we’d share it with you. Clearly, China is catching his attention in a thousand ways.

Can’t wait to see what new symbolism we’ll see in his work…IMG_0211

When you’re Nathan Fox, you start every trip with an illustration of Batman on a dragon.

IMG_0216 IMG_0225

Where’s Batman?


Backscratcher, or dinner?


Either Nathan likes buildings being built, or he’s gathering reference photos.

IMG_0236 IMG_0254 IMG_0265


IMG_0892 IMG_0893 IMG_0894 IMG_0903 IMG_0924 IMG_0926

Wow, again. I’ve never been frightened of a chair before now…

IMG_0933 IMG_0937 IMG_0938

That’s an incredible set of knockers (sorry!)

IMG_0940 IMG_0958 IMG_0969

Uh, Nathan, what is this?

IMG_0974 IMG_0976

Let me count the ways that the pic above disturbs me…

Seven. Seven ways.

IMG_0989 IMG_0995

Portal 3!

Thanks boss! Keep the photos coming, and we’ll keep the snark rolling! Have a good time over there. Try to get the backscratcher through customs so we can terrify the class of 2014, okay?


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