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Jennifer Daniel’s New York Times work, and a splash of her tWITter

You probably could tell (from this blog, or Twitter, or Facebook) that we’re really proud of our incredible faculty. It’s hard to gather together this much talent in a single program, but we must have sold our souls to the right demon.

Here’s a quick peek at Jennifer Daniel’s work for New York Times. Yes, she does work for other pubs, but I’ve been enjoying the hell out of her NYT gems.

Take this one for example. It rose from the darkness of Leaning In, like a sliver of sanity in a sea of pop-psy froth.Jennifer Daniel New York Times

Jennifer wrote on her blog:

New illustration for the NYTimes about when “Leaning In” doesn’t pay off—sure you have that fancy new title but none of the power that comes with it.


For some reason the Times needed three men to write this.

Art Director: The fabulous Aviva Michaelov

Here’s a recent piece for the Week in Review:Jennifer Daniel

From Jennifer:

New illustration for my favorite section at the New York Times, Week In Review.


Art Director: Sarah Williamson


And a beautiful, poignant piece:

Jennifer Daniel

Last week Frank Bruni offended everyone with a Humanities degree who reads the New York Times by making the case for more people to study the beauty of numbers instead of the beauty of Shakespeare.


This week, the NYTimes published readers’ reactions with my woven bookcase illustration (Art Director: Alexandra Z!)

See all of Jennifer’s work, editorial and otherwise, on her fantastic blog.

Oh, and if you haven’t enjoyed her turns of phrase on Twitter, do yourself a favor and follow @jenniferdaniel!

Some recent samples (back away from the screen if you take things too seriously).



CORRECTION: Previous version of this story incorrectly quoted “anyone with nipples” instead of “anyone with a pulse.” …


Got all excited at the Rainbow Food Coop, came home with two bags of groceries and realized I have no cooking pots. Made a drink, ordered-in


Listicles about female things are called lipsticles. Haha good one hit send.

It goes on, and well.

Keep on truckin’ Jennifer!

– Ben Zackheim

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