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Monster Sibling Rivalry by Anjelika Vayas

Monster Sibling Rivalry by Anjelika Vayas is an epic tale that has to be read to be believed. The Digital Short Story premiered at DSS 2018.

Monster Sibling Rivalry:

The Amyklos family is renowned as a family of kick-butt monster hunters, seekers of legends, an all-around super cool bunch of warriors bred for action. Theodora (‘Teddie’) and Vasiliki (‘Vaso”) Amyklos are no exception – sisters amped and ready to show the world, and one another, what they are capable of. Teddie and Vaso have always been healthy competition for one another, age being the only true thing to separate them. That is, until Teddie becomes the exception to the Amyklos line, and is diagnosed with Lupus.

Out of fear of aggravating her condition, Teddie’s family forces her onto the sidelines, only to watch Vaso continue on without her. Spilling out her rage and jealousy, overall emotions, and thoughts through her art and words on her blog, Teddie is just about ready to do anything to win her life and her position in her family back.

Read the story here


A lover of the skies and the seas and a few things in-between, Jellie Vayas is always on the move. Dancing between the whimsical and the wicked, she has a fun time creating galaxies for her audiences to get lost in. Whether it’s a new project she’s determined to finish or a friend in need or a shift at the coffee shop/ family restaurant, she’s always ready to give it her all.

Growing up as a Greek American in Central Jersey, Jellie grew up wild with demigod blood in her veins and with the sand of the Shore between her toes. She’s always amped and ready for the next big adventure.

Jumping right from undergrad at Seton Hall University to grad-student at the School of Visual Arts, she is ready to face whatever the Universe has in store for her on her journey to become a “Master Storyteller”.

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