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Marissa Jones (’20) shares her thesis story with us | ‘The Space Nomad’

After her civilization collapses into decay, a scrappy but engineering nomad wanders empty neighborhoods in her clunky spaceship that doubles as her home. The only thing she has left from her past life is a blurry photo from a day at the beach with her family—a day of happiness, warmth, and love that contrasts in every way with the bleakness of her current life. To stave off unbearable loneliness, she scavenges objects that remind her of the day captured in the photo. With each new object, her memories manifest ever more vividly. These objects crowd and weigh down her spaceship, impeding its ability to fly. Despite the cost, she continues to collect, hoping to remember even more. When her spaceship’s system alerts her of a nearby life force, the nomad must make a choice—to ignore the only sign of life she’s encountered and continue living comfortably in her memories or to risk her status quo and seek out something that could promise a new life outside of her past.

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