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Learn the art of comic book writing from pro Mark Sable!


We’re delighted to announce a new Continuing Education course at MFAVN, the visual storytelling MFA program at SVA! Mark Sable is known for work like Graveyard of Empires, Teen Titans, the Two-Face series, Two-Face: Year One and the upcoming Dracula: Son of the Dragon.

Here’s the scoop about Mark’s class, which starts this February.

“From The Walking Dead to The Avengers, comics have gone from a niche medium to one that is an indelible part of popular culture. Yet, very few people understand the unique narrative possibilities of comics, the role of a comics writer (we don’t just write word balloons) and how to write sequential narratives. This course will be an in-depth, practical exploration of the art of creating and the business of selling comics, with students learning from the instructor’s long professional experience as well as that of highly accomplished guest lecturers. This course will focus on learning by doing, with students writing full comics scripts. No art or writing background is required.”

NOTE: No art or writing background is required. This course is fully online and asynchronous. Without a set meeting time each week, students can learn and participate on their own schedule. However, there are assignments that will be due by specific dates.


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