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InFORMed by Story’s Ryan Weber will help you build your book from scratch


Do you have a book in you? Do you have a book that you’d like to craft with your own hands in you? We’re proud to offer a new class in bookmaking, taught by a fantastic artist, Ryan Weber. Ryan’s Journal No. 034 caused quite a stir at 2015’s Thesis show, with people lining up for their turn to browse through it. Now you can learn his approach to building a book from scratch with his class, InFORMed by Story. It starts on January 28th, so sign up now. Here’s some more info (click on the link to go to the registration page).

“As we move toward a screen-based society, it is easy to grow distant from the “tactile” page and to regard the traditional book forms to be, well, antiquated. Yet, there is a resurgence of these playfully bound structures. While artist’s book creators have more choices of medium than ever before, some questions remain: How do stories shape the books they reside in? How do books imply their stories within them? In this course we will examine the question of what a book is, and explore the different shapes, sizes and functions inherent in book form. Focusing on creating original content that addresses the concepts presented (both physically and conceptually), an emphasis will be placed on acting as creator, author, designer and publisher. Through the exploration of these many roles, students will question the parameters of book structure, the definition of a page, avenues in which to construct a narrative, the importance of form in the creative process, and, ultimately, what a “book” means to them.”


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