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Jennifer Daniel (Designer) has on her Tips Hat

Jennifer Daniel (MFAVN faculty) has joined forces with Medium to pen an advice column for fledgling designers! Joined by Tim Brown, Liam Brown, Erika Hall and other designers, Jennifer will offer up her wisdom (with an edge, of course).

Here are some sample columns:

“I feel scattered as a person and am petrified of being a failure. I fear it’s effecting my work as a designer. S.O.S.”

“What do you think about unpaid internships as a means of “getting your foot in the door” or “paying your dues”?”

And here’s a good one…

“How do you deal with a client who expresses a strong preference for something like, “I don’t like green!”?”

So go ahead and ask some questions. They say you can ask anything, which sends a shiver down the spine, frankly.

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