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G. Davis Cathcart’s (’21) ‘One Eight Hundred Ghosts’ is published by Fantagraphics

Davis Cathcart’s (’21) thesis story ‘One Eight Hundred Ghosts’ is being published by Fantagraphics! The $14.99 oversized edition is now available at your local comic and book stores.

From the Fantagraphics site:

A team of socialite scenesters moonlight as astral-projecting, art-thieving, time-travelers based in 1980 and concoct a heist to steal… Michael Jackson’s Thriller?

Using otherworldly technology to enter the future and repurpose the intellectual property of a popular yet evil artist in order to change its cultural trajectory, Cedric and his team realize that society will face a conundrum that only they can rectify: accept the work of a sonic genius despite any abusive behavior, or release the work themselves, stripping the artist of the pivotal success that would later enable horrible crimes. Ultimately, the team decides to save the decade’s defining cultural touchstone before it ever happens: Michael Jackson’s Thriller. One Eight Hundred Ghosts is the brilliant debut graphic novella from cartoonist G. Davis Cathcart, printed in an oversized, full color format best suited to showcase Davis’s detailed cartooning and eye-popping page designs.

The Comics Journal review of the story was excited by this new talented storyteller.

“You almost never see a comic like this. G. Davis Cathcart has just a few publications to his name, but he’s already got a fully formed, unique aesthetic and a finely balanced sense of how to use it. Most cartoonists never get to either of those places. Cathcart’s One Eight Hundred Ghosts is more or less a perfect comic, which isn’t to say nothing could top it, but that everything in it from story and art to book design and printing are all pulling together in the same direction at maximum strength.” – Matt Seneca

Congratulations, Davis!

Be sure to follow him on Instagram. See more of his story on the ‘And Then…’ thesis show site. Davis was mentored by Dilraj Mann who can also be found on Instagram.

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