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FALL CLASS: RISO: An Introduction starts this Fall

Risograph Duplicator printing technology combines the vibrant spot colors of silkscreen, the high resolution and speedy mass production of offset lithography, and the user-friendly automation of an advanced color copier. These compact machines can function as a print shop in a box. Their ease of use, print quality and low overhead costs make them extremely popular among independent publishers, zine makers, graphic designers, photographers, and others who are interested in making quick and vibrant editions on paper. In this course, students will be given a thorough overview of Risograph printing and its range of printing techniques. Each student will generate a portfolio of various Risograph projects in the form of print editions, zines, cards, promotional fliers, and other printed matter.

NOTE: This course includes access to the RisoLAB only; access to the 5th floor printmaking facilities is not included.

Wednesday 6:30PM – 9:30PM Sep 26 – Dec 19
136 West 21st Street
3.50 CEUs, 12 Sessions

Paul John Director, Endless Editions; printer, Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop

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