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CONTINUING ED CLASS: Game Design: Building Interactive Worlds Across Media

Interactivity has become a large part of the storyteller’s toolbox. Whether through immersive virtual worlds, video games, non-digital board games or participatory theater, storytellers need to know how the settings, characters and events they create will work differently, or the same, in each. This workshop is an in-depth, media-agnostic course where students examine the ins and outs of dramatic interactivity. Topics include: how to take a simple concept verb and use it to cut right to the heart of story, character and action; how to build compelling, emotional worlds from this foundation, and how those worlds can as easily be a game, a comic, a movie or a painting.

Game Design: Building Interactive Worlds Across Media
Sat, Sun 10:00AM – 4:00PM Dec 01 – Dec 02
Location To Be Announced
1.00 CEUs, 2 Sessions
Matthew Weise Co-founder, Fiction Control LLC; writer; game designer

Note: Markers, paper, dice, playing cards, note cards, poker chips, Sculpi, and other game-related knickknacks required for this course are provided.

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